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About Us

The YME – Gestão, Ambiente e Engenharia, Ld.ª, is a company specialized in environmental consultancy and project licensing, whose scope of activity is the development and preparation of environmental studies and the licensing of projects from A to Z, as well as the provision of environmental advisory services accompanying and supporting Clients throughout of the whole process.

Founded in 2010, its founding partners have a proven professional experience of more than 25 years, in the development and elaboration of studies and projects of environment, spatial planning and engineering and in the provision of consultancy services, in more of a hundred studies and projects.

We provide services in all phases of project development, from the selection of the best locations for project implementation, environmental advice during project development, the development and preparation of all necessary environmental studies, the instruction and obtaining of all opinions, authorizations, licenses, declarations and titles necessary for the licensing of the project, until obtaining the construction license (Ready to Build projects) and obtaining the license to operate the projects.

We have a consolidated experience of communication and proximity contacts with all official entities, with jurisdiction in the licensing processes of projects, such as DGEG, IAPMEI, APA, APA-ARH, ICNF, ERRAN, DGADR , DGRM, CCDRs, DGPC, City Councils, etc., ensuring our Clients an active monitoring of the processing of their processes with the entities.


Our mission is to provide the Client with an excellent service, adopting the best methodologies for the development of studies and projects, anticipating and preventing risks, developing sustainable and environmentally integrated projects, creating added value to the project and to the Client and safeguarding the environmental values ​​of the territory.

The Team

We provide the Client with the know-how accumulated over more than two decades, not only in carrying out studies and project licensing, but also in participating in the development of basic technical and scientific documentation and work methodologies that have been well-received. of the entities.

The proven professional experience, as well as the solid academic and professional training of the founding partners, our employees and partners, allows us to provide the best methodologies and solutions suited to the complexity of the projects, guaranteeing our Clients the selection and integration of the best solutions, creating added value for the Customer and environmentally sustainable solutions.


In support of our activities, we maintain a set of partnerships with specialists, companies and renowned technicians, both nationally and internationally, which reinforce and diversify the range of services available to the Client.


YME – Gestão, Ambiente e Engenharia, Lda

Rua da Nau Catrineta, 8, 2º Esq.,
1990-186 Lisboa

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