Amendoeira Golf Resort Golf Project

Client: Oceânico Group

The project, in operation, is located in the district of Faro, municipality of Silves, mostly in the parish of Alcantarilha, also occupying some areas in the parish of Pêra.

Project included the construction of two 18-hole golf courses and the respective support infrastructure (Club House buildings and Maintenance Centre). The project implementation area is located on the property called Morgado da Lameira, with an area of ​​257 ha. The property involves two contiguous lands, separated and served by the Municipal Road EM 529, in which 212 hectares occupy the area to the east of the EM 529 and 45 hectares occupy the area to the west of the EM 529. The golf courses occupy a total area of ​​135 hectares, of which about 60 hectares are occupied by lawns. The Clube Building occupies an area of ​​2.2 hectares, with a gross construction area of ​​about 1,900 m2. The fields are called Campo O’Connor and Campo Faldo, by association with the name of the Architects responsible for the layout.

Summary of Services Provided

  • Technical support and environmental advice for the development of the Project’s layout.
  • Technical support and environmental advice for the preparation of the different specialties of the Project;
  • Advisory to the management and technical coordination of the Project;
  • Requests for Opinion to the entities;
  • Environmental Impact Study Study.

Licenses obtained

  • Declaration of Environmental Impact (EIA).
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