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YME, prepares environmental impact studies and develops environmental advice supporting the development of projects, carrying out the studies to obtain the necessary opinions for the licensing of the projects, enabling their construction and the entry into operation activity, as well as environmental monitoring during the exploration phase.

The studies are developed based on the applicable legislation, with a view to safeguarding environmental values ​​with the objective of achieving a good framework and sustainable development of projects, guiding the client towards the success of implementation. The studies and projects in its conception include a specialized multidisciplinary technical team, with proven experience in environment and licensing. The studies cover all the essential steps to obtain the necessary opinions from central, regional and local entities (DGEG, APA, CCDR, ICNF, DRAP, DGADR, Municipal Councils, others), guiding the Client in the best strategy and reducing the risk in locating projects in places with environmental or legal constraints that are difficult to overcome in order to guarantee with the entities.

The studies include all phases, from the selection of suitable land to the feasibility of the projects, analysis of major environmental constraints, carrying out studies for requesting an Opinion on the Framework of Projects in the Environmental Impact Assessment Regime (PERJAIA), Environmental Incidence Studies (AIncA), Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), and other studies necessary for requests for opinions from the entities, such as Prior Communication REN , requests for Prior Information Opinion (PIP), Studies of Economic and Social Interest, requests for authorization to cut down protected trees, requests for Titles for the Use of Water Resources (TURH), or even Fauna, Flora, Soil Monitoring Plans, Landscape Integration Projects, Compensatory Measures Projects.

The studies developed cover all types of projects, including renewable energy projects for Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants, Projects of Self-Consumption Production Units (UPAC), Wind Farms, Medium and High Voltage Transport Lines Projects, Infrastructure Projects, Tourism and Golf Courses Projects, Dam Projects, Subdivision Projects, Road or Railway Infrastructure Projects, Green Hydrogen Projects (H2V), etc.

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