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YME, Ld.ª, supports its Clients throughout the entire life cycle of projects.

The range of our services ranges from the selection of the best location for the implementation of the project, considering all the environmental and territorial planning constraints, to the development of the project, to carrying out all the environmental studies that prove necessary, to the instruction and obtaining of all opinions, authorisations, licences, titles and permits, including the production license or installation title, from the official entities, necessary for the licensing of projects, until obtaining the construction license (Ready to Build), for the environmental monitoring of the construction, instruction and obtaining the exploration license or exploration title, environmental monitoring in the exploration phase and preparation of the installation deactivation plan.

In all its intervention, YME, Ld.ª, advises and supports its Client for the adoption of the best project development strategy, identifying and preventing in advance situations that may constitute constraints or risks to the viability of the project, whether large or small.

Projects carried out


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