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Follow-up Monitoring of Construction

YME, Ld.ª, ensures the environmental monitoring at work, arising from the obligations imposed in the licensing conditions of the Projects, monitoring the construction activities that cause impacts on the environment, taking into account the obligations arising from the legislation and, where applicable , the Single Environmental Title (TUA) of the project, which is part of the Environmental Impact Declaration (DIA) or the Environmental Incidence Declaration (DIncA).

Services summary

  • In conjunction with the Owner of the Work and the Contractor (or EPCist), we ensure a technical team integrating the necessary skills for the environmental monitoring of the work, such as Environmental Engineering, Biology, Archaeology, Noise, Soils or others;
  • We ensure the environmental management of the work, implementing the necessary control procedures and implementation of minimizing, mitigating and corrective measures, preventing when possible and minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from construction activities;
  • We assist the owner of the work, and the contractor in the implementation and fulfillment of the legal obligations imposed by the entities, before the construction, during the construction phase and after the construction;
  • We prepare periodic reports to be sent to the entities with evidence of environmental control and monitoring implemented on site;
  • We support the owner of the work and the contractor in complying with legal obligations in terms of waste management on the shipyard and construction site;
  • We assist the owner or contractor in the implementation of landscape integration measures, including those resulting from transplants of tree species.


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